USS Defiant – Feb 2020

USS Defiant – Feb 2020


Sim Updates

The sim has had a few shake ups. We've merged Intelligence into our Sec/Tac division for the time being. Our short trek formula is moving along with its first story which is fun. We've also put a decent amount of planning into the future.

We attempted to get a crew's choice player and post of the month, but this hasn't quite taken off just yet. In lieu of it, I am seconding our main nomination as I found the recipient deserving!

Crew Updates

Lt. Commander Nathan Bishop, Chief Sec/Tac
Lt. Ian Acainus, Chief Diplomatic Officer

Lt. Niamh O'Donoghue to Lt. Commander and XO!

Lieutenant Morgan Lindsay, Chief Medical Officer, has won Player of the Month!
Our post of the month is "The Other Shoe", which can be found at:

Specific Positions we'd like to highlight that we're looking for:
Chief Engineer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Operations Officer

Story Elements


Defiant, having arrived at their established destination, finds that the extragalactic object is more than they had thought. In fact, it houses the being known as Typhon, a being they have already established an adversarial dynamic with. Using the cloaking device Defiant had procured months ago, Typhon triggers a shipwide virus, crippling the Federation starship.

With little other option, Captain Reynolds agrees to go to Typhon's vessel, leaving Niamh O'Donoghue, her newly minted XO, in command to oversee the emergency repair efforts. The crew must race against time, working without the assistance of any ships systems to destroy the cloaking device inside their own ship, reestablish some amount of computer control, and ideally beam Captain Reynolds back to safety.

Aboard Typhon's ship, things have gone even more poorly. Typhon attempts to kill Reynolds, but discovers some unseen faction is preventing him from doing so. However, he is undeterred and sets about the next best option, breaking her will. Through a telepathic link, Typhon forces Reynolds to experience the death of her long time flame Alina Soyka in real time. The experience leaves her heartbroken, demoralized, and with a body that is unconvinced if it is the one that is supposed to be dying. Despite this, she musters the will for one last act of defiance, attempting to overload her phaser and take Typhon with her. (Her sequence is paused so that the crew can transport her back.)

Additionally, we are into our first Short Trek, called Dark Discoveries. It is essentially an alien-inspired claustrophobic scary alien encounter where a few of our crew find themselves on a long abandoned subterranean base, with a little intrigue mixed in! So far, it has been very fun to participate in with our crew.

Other Information

Completed Posts: 17
Participation (assuming I understand this right): 42

Saved Posts: 13
Participation: 44



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