– January 2, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

It was a fairly slow month aboard the Defiant, mostly due to holiday travel by essentially the entire crew. 2 had surgeries to contend with as well, which may slow us down going into this month.

The website received some minor tweaks, mostly in the form of wording on our Sim and Main pages, and a few adjustments to our OOC coordination.

Crew Updates

Our Civilian Medical Officer Oliver Kanizay has downgraded himself from LOA to Inactive, due to real life situations.

Other than that, the crew is still going strong. We are currently midmission, so awards and promotions will arrive once that has been completed.

Story Elements

The Defiant had been dispatched to the Klingon lines to deal with an outbreak of war with their long time rival. Joining up with a portion of the 3rd Fleet, the Defiant participated in the defense and subsequent evacuation of the forward ground base on Deriben II.

Following this conflict, the Defiant was sent to hunt down an advanced Klingon stealth cruiser, which had thus far been untraceable. Pulling together some leads the crew began to formulate a plan to counteract the advanced cloaking device, with limited success.

After a brief detour to save some POWs from being sold on the slave markets, the crew was soon hot on the trail of the Stealth Cruiser again, having located the shipyard it was receiving repairs at. After a brief battle, the Defiant successfully left an energy tracer on the ship, allowing them to at least detect the ship's presence. They successfully lured the vessel to the debris field of a protostar, where the two vessels clashed, disabling each other.

The crew is now in a race against time to restore Defiant's systems before the other vessel can do the same. Meanwhile, a small boarding party has infiltrated the Klingon ship in an attempt to steal the cloaking device for further study.

Other Information

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