USS Defiant – Jul-18

USS Defiant – Jul-18

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

There have been been a few slight changes to the site. New imagery is being used on several main sites. There have been a few tweaks to deck listings and tour to make sure that frequently used locations are reflected on the site.

We've also made some changes to the way that sideposts are tracked. I've created a new submission category to better track plot events seperatly. Additionally, we have reworked our Timeline system to better allow for side post freedom.

Crew Updates

We have had a few departures this month:
Lt. Tophen Hox, Chief Communications Officer
Lt. Drew McGarrett, Chief Security Officer

We have also added:
Lt. Elias Lindholm, Chief Tactical Officer

Positions we are looking to fill:
Chief Security Officer
Chief Helm Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Counselor

Lt. JG Michaela Holland is being promoted to full Lieutenant

Story Elements

The USS Defiant was dispatched to Tholian space for a diplomatic meeting to discuss securing that section of the Klingon Border. However, upon arriving in Tholian space, the Defiant hadn't encountered a single Tholian vessel and was told the conference was delayed. After encountering an escape pod and a group of mercenaries on Vellia III, Defiant finally made contact with the Tholians.

After convincing the Tholians to take them to Assembly leadership, it is revealed that the Tholian leadership has been infected with some strange pathogen which incapacitated them. Now, Defiant is being coerced to enter a quarantined area of Tholian space to determine what is causing the infection and if there is any way to reverse it.

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