USS Defiant – Jul-19

USS Defiant – Jul-19

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

Got a few changes going on here. I'm going to be rolling out a new page on our site to help better track plot details for new and current players to keep a handle on how the sim is progressing. I will also be updating the quarters assignments to reflect our new members.

Crew Updates

A bunch of changes here. Unfortunately, I don't remember which changes happened this month versus last, so I think instead I will simply list our current crew.

Captain Charlotte Reynolds - Commanding Officer
Lt. Commander Maralen Seitha - Executive Officer/Chief of Operations
Lt. Commander Kenna Wolff - Chief Strategic Operations Officer
Lt. Caroline Isley - Chief Science Officer
Lt. Ian Acainus - Chief Diplomatic Officer
Lt. JG Morgan Lindsay - Chief Medical Officer
Lt. JG Connor Burton - Chief Engineer
Ensign Colby Pierce - Assistant Chief Sec/Tac Officer (Acting Chief)
Ensign Thyra Sh'shraaqir - Chief Communications Officer

ELOA/Possibly Left-
Lt. Jace Eldridge - Medical Officer
Lt. Elias Lindholm - Chief Sec/Tac Officer
Lt. JG Natalie Cross - Chief Intelligence Officer

Story Elements

The Defiant crew investigated a strange, elusive distress call, only to fall into the hands of a seemingly all-powerful being calling himself Typhon. Split up and dropped into a bizarre world of varying environments, the officers are left to fend for themselves and try to figure out what exactly is the "solution" to Typhon's puzzle. Meanwhile, Capt. Reynolds is held in a fortress like tower, forced to watch her crew go through the trials he has set up. After meeting up with a captain of a small trading ship which also has been dragged into the plot, Reynolds finds herself thrown into the gauntlet as well.

Other Information

Excited about the new task force!



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