USS Defiant – Sep-18

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USS Defiant – Sep-18

Task Force 47, Task Force 47 Command

Sim Updates

Unfortuantely, no major changes were rolled out this month.

Crew Updates

Our old helm officer, Ensign K'Muss, has returned as Assistant Chief Engineer.

Awards are approaching as our episode comes to a close.

There are still several positions which we're looking to fill:
Chief Security Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Counselor
Assistant Chiefs or Specialists in All Departments
Enlisted Positions Available in All Departments upon request

Story Elements

After managing a daring escape from the Tholian Quarantine, the USS Defiant is headed back to Federation Space. Rendezvousing with the USS Artemis, they uncover that the parasites they encountered may have infiltrated both Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force. With this threat lingering, the crew returns to Starbase Arcadia, unsure of what they may find.

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