– July 29, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Rebranding will commence within the next few days
Our LCARS is still growing

Crew Updates

New Crew:
Lieutenant Dante Xithia Chief Intelligence Officer [email protected]
Lieutenant Liam Vir Chief Operations Officer [email protected]
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Asher Fulton Assistant Engineering Officer [email protected]
Ensign Tasinder Solani Science Officer [email protected]
Crew Removed Since Last Report:

Crew Promotions Since Last Report:

those players who were active in May were awarded the MAY SILVER UNIT AWARD

Story Elements

We have ended Episode 2 and are on Episode 3: Such as we are made of, such we be.

Their past firmly behind them, the crew of the Elysium can move forward looking to their future.
So, with this in mind, they are sent on a resupply mission to the Gamma Quadrant. Leaving DS9 they set course for exploration and adventure.

Other Information

69 posts this month, 5 of those were personal logs.

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