USS Elysium – April 2020

USS Elysium – April 2020


Sim Updates

The CO finally got around to the following:

路 That Deck Listing change
路 That Specification Change (BTW: I liked my old specs as they made us special馃槈 )
路 Adding proper Marine Pips to the Crew Listing, so now the Marines have their proper rank styles. 脿 If anyone knows where I can find DIPLOMATIC Rank pips that actually show a differentiation in Rank, I would appreciate it.
路 We have added graphics to our manifest for each department showing uniform pictures - Check them out, thoughts and comments welcome.
路 Tour items updated for the bridge and battle bridge. Images have numbers and a description for each post. I had to put my crazy science team close at hand. And needed a transporter chief on the bridge... crazy.

Crew Updates

We have had 4 new players join our game this month. Most welcome are they to our family:
鈥 Ensign Miraj Derani - Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
鈥 1st Lieutenant Corisk Malluk - Marine Executive Officer
鈥 Lieutenant Mxamillio (Max) Solanga MA, Rev. - Ships Chaplain 鈥 Ya! Someone else can perform those pesky marriages!
鈥 Cadet Freshman Grade Tavrus Saral

Crew Awards:

As most of you know, I do not normally hand out awards mid-year, but this year is a bit different. My crew have worked really hard this month to get our posts out. And we reached our goal of 200 total posts with 2 days to spare馃槉 (Please note that this goal is not a standard goal, but to encourage my writers, I set it and they Met it!)

Collaborative Post Excellence:

Commander Gary Taylor- Somehow our hard working XO has become something of an unsung hero here and it's time to fix that. Nobody works harder or plays more roles for more people than Jeff! Please give him this award as it's only a small portion of the respect he deserves for his efforts here. - Anje Brett

For throwing himself into JPS and getting them done with ease - Captain Lalor

Non Player Character Award:

Lieutenant Commander Gallia Norris

For the creation of the Elysium's most popular NPC--Tayalas. Written with warmth and humor and talent. She steals our hearts every post she is in. This is in addition to her other marvelous characters. Commander Gary Taylor

Meritorious Newcomer Award :

Awarded to Ensign Miraj Derani - the ensign has thrown herself into the game with vibrancy and delight. We are happy to see her settle in.

Professional Merit:

Commander Aurelia Holmes 鈥 It has been 3 yeas since she walked onto the bridge and basically put her foot in her mouth in regards to the captain鈥檚 age. But in that time, this character has grown, and become a delight to write with!

Crew Choice award: It is a tie this month! Between Lieutenant S鈥檋ib and Commander Anje Brett

Lieutenant S鈥檋ib:

This writer and character has in my opinion contributed so much since he joined, yes he can be difficult to get along with. But he is fully committed to this sim and his fellow writers, and that is something which deserves a reward. Commander Lia Holmes Chief of Security/Tactical aka Ayesha

Lieutenant S'hib ihas been a beacon of hope and camaraderie for me since I came aboard, always Happy to lend an ear, lend a JP Start, or just be a kind influence. There were many an occasion since I joined the ship where I lost motivation to continue, to give up or just quit Simming, as I was in a very dark place when i joined the ship. S'hib as a player and a person has Been a Major influence on keeping me Invested on the sim, and on developing both my characters, including one he encouraged me to dredge back from Retirement.

I want to nominate Tom becuase he was the first person to reach out, and with a start that showed he's read my profile. It was lovely to engage so early with someone who could pick up something I thought was just a dumb detail and then run with it into a post that was a joy to write. It was a great welcoming way to start out on Elysium.

Commander Anje Brett:

She's been such a workhorse this month, especially as her NPC, Dr. Tallia Strode. She's really helped keep our numbers up and keep the story moving. As such she deserves this award.

Not for any one character but for all of her superb characters. Each one a unique, special and real character. She is a creative and imaginative writer. The Elysium would be a poorer sim without her. Commander Gary Taylor

This player has been through some rough ties both IC and OOC and has always shone through on our game. Her love issues not withstanding and believe us they are epic, we would be lost on this game without Drea and Anje!

Time Served:

The Following players have earned their 3 YEARS Award, for time Served.

Commander Gary Taylor
Commander Aurelia Holmes
Commander Sthilg
Lieutenant Tate Sullivan

The Following players have earned their 2 YEARS Award, for time Served.

Lt Commander Arrianna Salannis au Vantar

The Following players have earned their 1 YEARS Award, for time Served.

Lieutenant Commander Turak
Lt Commander Gallia Norris
Commander Anje Brett
Lieutenant Kara Hoffman
Lieutenant S鈥檋ib
Lieutenant Carter Smith

200 Posts Award:

To all players who participated and posted during April as they contributed to our post count. I am not going to list them all, there are 24 of us for crying out loud!

Story Elements

Our current mission is Cause and Effect - We will be traversing an area of space known as the VOID. We will be spending 7 days at Impulse following the beacons through. During this time, our shielding will need to be at peak efficiency due to the temporal currents that swirl through the Void. Fun and Games await us, and after the massive posting month this month, I am sure my crew are up to the task. Crazy Charles anyone?

Other Information


Users 24
Playing Characters 24
NPCs 48

Mission Posts 218
Personal Logs 5
Totals 223

Avg Mission Posts / User鈥 9.08
Avg Personal Logs / User鈥 0.21
Avg Entries / User鈥 9.29

Just a SHOUT OUT to my crew:

200 posts for the month of April with 2 days to go.

I want to take this time to say: I AM EXTREMELY PROUD of the quality of posts you all put out on a daily basis. You all work hard and show great skill as writers and the cooperation between you all is amazing.

I have never been more prouder of this team, this family (even if some of you are down right nuts) then I am now. Over 3 years ago when I took on this Simulation, I never believed it would grow to what it is today.

What started as Sharr's Legacy is now OUR LEGACY. Elysium is the largest in the fleet and we are (IN MY OPINION) One of the best games out there. And the reason for that, is the players! Not me, I just provide the sandbox, You all build the castles and worlds we play in.

Thank you for choosing the Elysium to write in. Thank you for joining our game and family. AND THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING THE BEST WRITERS I HAVE EVER KNOWN!

Captain Phoenix Lalor



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