USS Elysium – Aug-19

USS Elysium – Aug-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

Our Crew Manifest has been split into two sections with Guest Stars finally being given their own area

Crew Updates

This month we lost our ACMO, thus reducing our Medical Department back down to 1 player character.
Though we gained three players - 2 new and 1 returning. We welcome Varis, our Assistant Director of Temporal Investigations and Lieutenant Nevada McKay, and Lieutenant Commander Rosalyn Parish - Returning Player Dan as our new chief counselor!


Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Assistant Chief of Operations
Operations Officers
Medical Officers
Engineering Crew

Story Elements

We are currently working towards wrapping up:

Mission 2: Heaven On Earth
Post Count: 137
"Ravaged by the recent mission the crew returns to Earth for 4 weeks R&R"

And about to start (Due to a change of plans)

Mission 3: Masquerade
Post Count: 0
The USS Elysium is to escort Ambassador T'Prel To Vulcan. And it is urgent. The Elysium has been granted special permission to break normal warp speeds from Warp 6 to warp 8 to shorten the normally 5 day trip to three.

Both these missions are apart of our Wonderfully exciting Season 3: Yes I am Crazy, normal is boring to me!

We are looking to wrap this year's missions with the unfortunately delayed Double Mission:

Mission 4.A: "Return to Eden"
Post Count: 0
A distress call is received from the Federation Colony close to Rubicun III, several unknown vessels have attacked the cargo ships supplying both the colony and Edo close by. So far three have been destroyed and several others damaged. Mystery abounds
Mission 4.B: Art Can Be Deadly ACTS 1-4
Post Count: 0
William Holt. A man filled with contempt and well hidden hatred for his fellow crew has been hidden in the shadows on deck 30’s power distribution center for the last several months, since his unforeseen demotion and loss of privileges. During this time, he has thought of nothing, but how to “repay” the crew, the captain, Kara and everyone else onboard the ship who caused him this pain. His mind has been twisted by revenge and perhaps something more than just mere human emotions.

And if we get time we will spend Christmas doing:

Mission 5 - Cause and Effect
Post Count: 0
The Elysium, en route to Starbase 365 is suddenly stopped with no reason.
They encounter someone determined to ruin their day.

Other Information

Sim and Crew Statistics:

Player Characters: 25
NPCs 34
Mission Posts 134
Personal Logs 1
Totals 135 - An increase of 12 posts from last month
Avg Mission Posts / User† 5.36
Avg Personal Logs / User† 0.04
Avg Entries / User† 5.4



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