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USS Elysium – January 2021

USS Elysium – January 2021

Sim Updates

So headline news, we won the UoM for quarter 4 and we... TIED,... again! This time with Tesla! Congratulations to the crew of the Tesla.

So next on our agenda is the great images and video one of our players made for our front page. They look absolutely wonderful! And we thank him for taking the time in STO to create them!

Also February is our 4 year anniversary of Captain Lalor taking command. Birthday party awards will be handed out end of next month!

Crew Updates

So its that time of year again when I look at my crew and go "ROLL CALL!"

And I am pleased to say that it was a complete success. We did not loose anyone in the roll call. What we did loose was our brand new chief of intelligence after 15 days *Must have been a record* BUT we were Lucky enough to have Lieutenant Siora Carberos step in after joining us with a science officer to take on the role. We thank her with our whole heart to have the courage to step into what has been the Elysium's' newest cursed role.


The Following Chief role is open:

Chief Diplomatic Officer: Rank Lieutenant

Fighting Tigers - The 45th Tactical Wing - Group Commander: Rank: Major

Onboard Starfleet Academy Commandant: Rank: TBD.

The Following Assistant Chief roles are open:

Assistant Chief of Flight Control: Rank Ensign

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer: Rank Lieutenant JG

Marine Executive Officer: Rank 1st Lieutenant

Wing Commander: Rank Marine-Captain


So this month we have three Promotions to announce:

Lieutenant Colonel Naxea

Commander Sthilg

Lieutenant Commander Alicia Kelea-Salik

All three players have been mainstays of this game and we are very happy to be able to reward them.

Story Elements

we closed our current mission of Season 4: Episode 3: Guided by Starlight and have as of this morning, opened up our new mission
Season 5: Episode 1: No Exit. An Away team mission goes very badly. And the crew of the USS Elysium is about to discover why and how things can get so screwed up!... Well for them its a new way things get screwed up.

Other Information

Total players: 21
Players on LOA/ELOA: 1(Still is posting though)
Word Count: 80,010
Post Count per player: 7.57
OF post Count: 159.1 for January 2021



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Posted: January 31, 2021 8:10 pm
Updated: January 31, 2021