USS Elysium – Jul-18

USS Elysium – Jul-18

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

I have created a department called Strategic Defence. It combines the following three departments:

Strategic Operations
Star Fighter Wing

It will be an NPC ONLY Department. I have increased the NPC Limit, so if they wish to create an NPC within the new department they are welcome to. It is my hope that it gives my crew a chance to explore different roles without having to relinquish their current roles. I also removed the diplomatic Department and moved the Chief Diplomat (Changed to Ambassador of the Federation) into under command with the Media Relations Officer

Crew Updates

We have had a terrible run with Marines of late. And thus we have removed our entire Marine Department, one of whom only joined mid-month! With their removal, I made a choice to change the way certain departments are run on the USS Elysium. Thus the creation of the Strategic Defence department.

We did gain a new Chief Surgeon who looks like she will make out medical team even stronger!

Story Elements

Current mission: Just Breathe

What was meant to be a quiet few weeks on DS9 for R&R and a computer upgrade has turned into a retrieval mission as the USS Elysium was ‘stolen’ from its berth. The USS Elysium Crew are in pursuit in the Intrepid class vessel, USS Eclipse.

And believe me, they are in hot pursuit.

After this mission we are looking to utilize our unique vessel in the mission: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing

Other Information

Simulation Statistics

Users 14
Playing Characters 14
NPCs 11
Mission Posts 48
Personal Logs 0
Totals 48
Avg Mission Posts / User† 3.43
Avg Personal Logs / User† 0
Avg Entries / User† 3.43



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