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Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

So hold on..... why is this being submitted so early? What in the 6 are you doing Lalor? Well....... due to the past month, i figure its best to do this now. So.... without further ado....

What updates to my site for the month of May 2018?

Rebuilt my site! It was fun. Got rid of the clutter and brought in this new shiny site!You should all try it! Cathartic and cleansing! Ok so I am joking, its not cathartic and cleansing but hey, what more can i say? We had a glitch and now our site is back and better than ever.

We are in the process of making sure the updates are there and meet the new EU privacy Laws.

Our front page meets the OF requirements and links to the needed sites as well as the banners that show we are an 18+ simulation.

Our LCARS page has been mostly recreated, sans our character spotlights and Golden Scrolls. This is coming though. And we are using Wikidot to house logs from the previous site, as I collate them together.

Crew Updates

The sad news bear shuffles into the briefing room and clears its throat gruffly. “I have sad news for the crew of the USS Elysium.”

A dramatic pause followed and when a squirrel hissed for him to “hurry the hell up” the bear mumbled. “I am building suspense”

A nut was thrown from the crowd at the bear who batted it away. “Today we announce the sad resignations of Lt. Commander Parish and Lieutenant Murphy from their posts on the USS Elysium.” He paused. “We wish them the best. They shall be missed.” And then he shuffled out.

Thus this leaves their posts open.

Chief of Science - Though there is discussion currently happening around that space
Academy Commandant
All Assistant posts!

We have a prospective player currently involved communication, which we hope will bloom into a full fledged player.

Story Elements

14 posts have been counted for this month. Due to the site changes, we do not have the correct numbers but we are getting there. Next month we hope to be back to normal 🙂

We have after much discussion commenced a new mission, allowing the past one to RIP. Our new mission is "Just breath" and involves R&R on DS9. But hey things never go that smoothly right? As we have just commenced it, the crew are having their characters adjust to the arrival back in the normal universe.

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