– October 30, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Borrowing an idea off another CO, who I respect, I have initiated a crew survey. It is open until the 20/11/17 as I want my crew to think hard on their responses.

We have had 5 responses. I hope to be able to collate the responses and use them to grow the Elysium. I will also be looking to upload them so all can see the results.

I have updated our Age rating banner now that Sharr has told us we have new ones!!! WOOHOO!!

Crew Updates

New Crew:
Lieutenant Arrianna Salannis an Vantar - As our Chief of Operations!
She adds a very unique character to our game. And a bit of craziness.
Yes, I was crazy when I approved her bio 😉 but as a strong writer, we are happy to have her, even if she is cutting up the crew for dinner!

6 month Awards:

Commander Aurelia Holmes - Our second officer and Chief of Security/Tactical
Lt. Commander Sthilg - Our CMO

Other awards: (As nominated by their fellow crew)

Recruitment Award: Commander Gary Taylor - He brought our Chief of Security to our vessel!
Friendship Ribbons: Commander Aurelia Holmes, Commander Liselle Qwyyn
DeForest Kelley Humour Award: Lieutenant Commander Matias Grronkil (He ate his bed!)
Non-Player Character Award: Commander Liselle Qwyyn
Professional Merit: Commander Liselle Qwyyn
Golden Scrolls: Commander Liselle Qwyyn, Cadet Senior Grade Toumun, Cadet Senior Grade Michiko Maruyama
Departmental Service Badge: Command: Commander Gary Taylor
Good conduct Medal:Lieutenant Commander Dyhei Liducca
Rose Award: Lieutenant JG Jessinia Kopl-Johnson and First Lieutenant Michael Andrews
Crew Choice award: Commander Liselle Qwyyn
Meritorious Newcomer of the Month Award: Cadet Senior Grade Toumun, Cadet Senior Grade Michiko Maruyama

Open Positions:

Chief of Intelligence (Currently NPC'd - PC Welcome!)
Chief of Strategic Operations
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Academy Commandant (Currently NPC'd - PC Welcome!)

Majority of Assistant posts are open! And Cadets!! We are really needing assistant chiefs and Cadets so we can increase interdepartmental interaction. I have BIG BIG PLANS!


Lieutenant JG Shiannah Shannas - Assistant Chief of Intelligence for basically Conduct Unbecoming. I informed my crew of the reasons as I have an honesty policy.

Story Elements

We have been having really bad dreams on the Elysium. People are getting cranky, and punchy. And its not going to be fun. And the CO is gonna be sneaky and lead an away team *SHHH* Don't tell my XO and Second officers. Which in the face of everyone being tired, cranky and scared of our resident cannibals, -- hello someone ate his own bed and another is carving up crew for stew! - is probably not the best thing to do, as going off on an away mission might piss the XO and 2O off even more.

We have discovered a derelict floating near a nebular, like a fishing lure tempting fish. Can we say TRAP?

Our Halloween mission is going well. Really Well. We are going to have some interesting visitors.

I am shamelessly using our posts for advertising as it is fun!

Other Information

Players: 17 (16 +1)
Player characters: 17 (16 +1)
Mission posts:84
AVG Mission Posts/User: 4.94

Funny thing, with the advent of our cadets, Lalor is no longer the youngest PC on board our fine vessel!

Phoenix =- 26
Gary =- 33
Aurelia =-34
Liselle =-35
Matias =- 35
Ja'Marcus =-26
Dyhei =- 28
Tasinder=- 37
Sthilg =-430
Tate =- 35
Gareb =- 29
Dante =- 94
Shiannah =- 54
Michael =- 27
Jessinia =- 36
Arrianna =- 31
Toumun =- 21
Michiko=- 21

Submitted By: Phoenix Lalor
Posted: October 30, 2017 7:38 pm
Updated: October 30, 2017

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