USS Elysium

USS Elysium


Sim Updates

We have not updated our new specifications yet, this is due to CO LOA due to work and RL. We have yet to move our banner to our new TG but the CO will get there, maybe by May the way work is going. The site remains in tip top condition with all links and such active.

Crew Updates

We lost two players, - They are both welcome back at any time. We had an application but it did not meet the standards of anyone and thus was rejected.

We have a couple of people on the limit of the posting requirements, but I am in contact with them.

Story Elements

Attempting to wrap a mission that has been ongoing for way to long. At the end of this mission, we will be returning to Earth Space dock for an IC period of 3 months for the fitting of a QSD by @@Engineering Department

OCC this will be brief. Also please note we have a number of other improvements being given to us by the fleet, including a redesign of our deck listings, which apparently includes moving our bridge to deck 1 (BORING)

Other Information

This month has seen a major drop in our posting statistics. Concerning but not really that important. Elysium is a big ship and crew with big JPS going on at odd times. This happens to be that time. as the average is 2.7 posts per user, I am fine with our stats this month.

Last Month - This Month
21 Users 20
22 Playing Characters 21
39 NPCs 41
130 Mission Posts 54
0 Personal Logs 0
130 Totals 54
6.19 Avg Entries / User† 2.7



Submitted By: phoenix-lalor
Posted: February 28, 2020 7:44 pm
Updated: February 28, 2020