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Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

The Endeavour's website didn't see any changes this month and the ship itself is docked with Langley Station to take on crew and supplies. The end of our last mission saw a minor skirmish that left superficial damage to the Endeavour. With our next mission more combat focused, the Endeavour will be swapping to the Weapon's Pod to accommodate additional firepower, We continue to maintain our excellent Discord participation and our new players have taken quickly to the group chat. I hope to refresh the Sister Ship's page during April to reflect our shift from TG 72C to the Command group.

Crew Updates

This was a very busy crew month for the Endeavour. We have three new players joining our ranks filling critical positions. We welcome aboard my counterpart, Lancaster, as Chief Engineer Bill Hendrix, another fellow commanding officer Lt. JG Serenity Jane at Tactical, and an addition to our Marine department 2nd Lieutenant Russell Buchanan. We're glad to have these players aboard. I believe they will all provide a positive contribution to the Endeavour. There are no promotions this month, but I would like to commend everyone on the push through the season finale last month and the warm welcome they've provided to our new players.

Critical Open Positions:
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer

Non-essential positions:
Chief Counselor
Security Staff
Shuttle Pilots

Story Elements

The Endeavour is currently docked at Langley Station taking on crew and supplies before venturing into the pirate-infested Old Cardassian DMZ. The crew is taking a brief, albeit needed, shoreleave before our mission begins. This involves "voluntary" indulgence of the Captain's baseball holodeck program and some out-of-season pumpkin carving. Our new crew members are introducing themselves to their counterparts and getting acquainted with the Endeavour.

While enjoying the respite, a fellow starship has come under attack while escorting a convoy to Cardassian space. Pirates savaged the vessel and destroyed the convoy, leaving the USS Vancouver to limp home at low warp.

Season 4 Description:

With attention turned toward the Romulan Relief Effort, piracy has taken hold of the critical trade lanes between the fledgling Cardassian Union and United Federation of Planets. Emboldened by the absence of Starfleet and Federation security forces, pirates and separatists have launched increasingly daring raids against Federation and Cardassian merchant vessels. Two weeks ago a pirate organization known as The Corsairs destroyed four Federation-flagged transport ships and severally damaged the USS Vancouver.

The Endeavour’s mission is threefold: (1) Protect critical aid convoys destined for Cardassia, (2) determine the source of the pirate attacks, and (3) neutralize the pirates’ base of operations. To aid in its mission, Starfleet Command assigned a detachment from the United Federation of Planets Frontier and Trade Authority (UFP FTA) to assist the Endeavour’s crew in the investigation and interdiction. Two FTA patrol cutters (USS Jaguar and USS Puma) have been tasked to supplement the Endeavour’s efforts in the sector.

Other Information

Post Count: 21
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New Players: 3
Pending Applications: 0

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