– November 30, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

November was a slow month for the Endeavour due in part to my long vacation and the Thanksgiving holiday for some of our players. Crew enthusiasm remains high, and we continue to finalize our current mission. Overall, I'm pleased with the crew's progress this month despite several obstacles.

Crew Updates

No new crew members or changes this month. We continue to have an open Chief of Operations position. Players continue to participate in the Discord server and the general fleet channel. This participation has made it easier to coordinate storytelling.

Story Elements

We're at the end of this season. The Endeavour's crew has laid the trap for the parasites, and the creatures are making some last-ditch attempts on the Endeavour to blunt our progress. Once this mission is concluded we'll have a brief interim R&R period followed by Season 4.

In addition, enthusiasm for next season is quite high. Season Four focuses on anti-piracy operations in the old Cardassian DMZ. Details provided below.

With attention turned toward the Romulan Relief Effort, piracy has taken hold of the critical trade lanes between the fledgling Cardassian Union and United Federation of Planets. Emboldened by the absence of Starfleet and Federation security forces, pirates and separatists have launched increasingly daring raids against Federation and Cardassian merchant vessels. Two weeks ago a pirate organization known as The Corsairs destroyed four Federation-flagged transport ships and severally damaged the USS Leopold. In response to the brazen attack, Starfleet Command ordered the USS Endeavour into the region.

The Endeavour’s mission is threefold: (1) Protect critical aid convoys destined for Cardassia, (2) determine the source of the pirate attacks, and (3) neutralize the pirates’ base of operations. To aid in its mission, Starfleet Command assigned a detachment from the United Federation of Planets Frontier and Trade Authority (UFP FTA) to assist the Endeavour’s crew in the investigation and interdiction. Two FTA patrol c

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