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Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

As far as the website goes updated the fleet logo in a few places. Changed hosting services so may be able to have more options in the future. Also found the code to sort my posts chronologically for me. In this way posts go up in order once I add a qualifier. It allows the players to post when they like and still keeps the story in order. This means I don't have to stall the ship waiting for a big post to close to keep the story in order it seems to be working well after one month.

Crew Updates

The Fearless just restarted it's story. With that being said we lost quiet a few crew and am pleased to say we have gone back to a full staff in the same month.

Added Crew:
Commander Hadir Prenar, Executive Officer, "The First Cardassian in Starfleet"
Lieutenant JG Kylie Rivers, Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer, "Tactical Genius, who will win at any cost. Unless it means playing along with others."
Lieutenant Galileo Hart, Chief Operations Officer, "Computer Genius, with a knack for the machine it self."
Lieutenant Sara O'Donnel-Che, Chief Science Officer, "Half Bajoran, Half Cardassian and she knows it. She's working on being the smartest person on the ship."
Lieutenant Anne Noelle, Chief Medical Officer/Chief Counselor, "She's definitely a skilled doctor even if she doesn't have the normal bedside manner. Determined to keep the crew in action.

Lieutenant Commander Lee Abernathy; Captain's Personal Merit Award - Seth has been there through and through when he was needed to make sure I was on track to get the Fearless up and running again. His dedication and limited time has made him my choice for this month as the recipient of the Captain's Personal Merit Award.

Commander Hadir Prenar; Meritorious Newcomer Award - Howard is one of our newest players and already he has set off to make as many connections as possible with the rest of the crew. In less than 2 weeks he has already become a vital person in the command structure of the Fearless.

Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak; Outstanding Volunteer Award - Fred has always gone out of his way to give counsel and advice to the direction of the SIM, while being welcoming and helpful to all the new crew coming it. Without him the rebirth of the Fearless would not be possible. It is my pleasure to award Lieutenant Commander Yid Seeyak with this Award.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Tyrion Faye; Unit Citation - Since arriving on the Ship, Tyrion has been active in and out of character. His transfer to the ship has kept our chat alive and contributed to 7 posts this month. It is for this I would like to award him with a Unit Citation.

Story Elements

The Fearless has just restarted mission. Starting check-ins over as everyone is new to the ship. Current mission has us docked at Empok Nor our home base for our mission in the Cardassian Sector. After the Dominion War left the Cardassian Union in economic ruin, the Federation steps in. The Cardassians have had 18 years to rebuild after demilitarizing. The Fearless is sent in to ensure the new Cardassian Union is safe in an age where growing hostilities threatens the new peace with Cardassia. Will she be successful only time will tell.

Other Information

I'm am very pleased with the current pace the SIM is setting and the crew interaction has been very pleasant. I hope to see the relationship aboard our small ship grow and flourish as our stories finally starts. There is a lot I want to see happen and I can't wait to read it all as it unfolds. Take the time and join us by reading the fantastic story we create or come aboard and join the crew for yourself to see what new dangers reveal themselves in the Cardassian Sector.

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Posted: August 1, 2017 2:01 am
Updated: August 1, 2017

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