– March 1, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

We added a really great banner to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. 😀

Crew Updates

We had some crew turnover, unfortunately.

CMO Jennifer Richardson
COO Persephone Reynolds
CSO Hadir Prenar

Lieutenant JG Alenis Tajor, Chief Medical Officer

Lieutenant Laree Desai to Second Officer

Story Elements

The Firebird successfully infiltrated the lost Dominion Colony in the Suylea system. There we found a number of large planetoids, which the Dominion had hollowed out to serve as hanger bays and space stations. We discovered the lost starship USS Monterey and her crew, which the Dominion had been using as guinea pigs for numerous experiments. The crew was mostly in stasis. Using both stealth and diplomacy, along with combat, we were able to rescue the Monterey and escape the system. However, the USS Creed, a Normandy class vessel, was severely damaged when it was struck by a kamakazi Jem'Hadar patrol ship. The crew of the Firebird has rendered medical assistance and is helping the Monterey back to DS9 where it will receive supplies and then return to Earth where the crew will be helped with their transition back into society. The Firebird will return to Empok Nor, where it will undergo a short refit, giving the crew a chance to rest.

As part of the agreement that ended the combat between the Dominion and the Firebird/ Creed, Chief Diplomat Jorgen Leed agreed to the boundaries of the Suylea system and promised Starfleet would not return to that portion of space.

Other Information


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