USS Firebird March 2018

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USS Firebird March 2018

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates


Crew Updates

Lieutenant Cynfor Rees - Chief of Operations
Lieutenant JG Alenis Tajor - Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Laree Desai - Made Second Officer

Story Elements

As we completed Mission 2, after 8 months of real life time, we are currently enjoying a lot of shore leave time. A number of different JPs that allow characters to explore relationships, visit old friends and generally get into trouble, are in progress. We also have been adding introductory posts on our upcoming Mission 3.

Mission 3- The SS Galilei is a cruise liner who has been built in order to take people on a military tour of the main battlefields of the Dominion War. During their trip, a strange illness strikes the Galilei and their sickbay is inundated with patients, quickly overwhelming their EMH. The Firebird is called in to render aid and assistance.

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