USS Firebird 29 January 2018

USS Firebird 29 January 2018

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

We are making changes to the additional manifests that we have on the website.

Crew Updates

Our XO, Lieutenant Commander Karen Myles, went quiet in December and never came back. She has been converted to an NPC and is finishing out Mission 2 before being written off the sim. Lieutenant Commander Yumi Han will assume the XO spot. We also lost our Chief of Operations, Lieutenant Ina Nici due to real life personal issues. We hope he comes back some day.

However, reinforcements were immediately on the way. We added Lieutenant Commander Hadir Prenar as our Strategic Operations Officer and Lieutenant JG Persephone Reynolds as our new Chief of Operations, once Mission 2 is over. So while we are sad we had turnover, we are excited to add two new writers.

Story Elements

We are SO close to finishing our Mission 2. We located the Monterey in the Suylea system and have, using our cloaking device for the last time, managed to land four away teams. One on the bridge, one in Sickbay, one in Engineering and one intel team. The JPs are all coming to a conclusion and we should be busting out soon. It is very rewarding to see a mission that has developed over the past 6 months coming to a successful end.

Other Information



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