– August 31, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

We updated the website to match the new branding of Obsidian Fleet.

Crew Updates

Unfortunately we had our Chief Security/ Tactical Officer resign today. He was a great player but had a large number of personal problems that he couldn't overcome. I had given him reduced requirements for posting and it still wasn't enough. It is hard to lose a great player. On the flip side, I posted on the Discord recruitment thread and have had two interested people.

Story Elements

Our second mission hit a bit of a choke point. First, we had over half the crew go to GenCon, which is a huge game convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. That really slowed things down. Also, August is a busy time of year as many of us work for universities or are in grad school. We also are at a place in the story where we couldn't just let other JPs start until we knew the outcome. It was also a very large JP with probably 12 characters participating in it. Thankfully we finished it and it was a great post. Our activity is picking up and our comms are as well. The crew is still active and our community is strong.

Other Information

I'm headed to Australia in two weeks, but I will still be guiding the sim. On the bright side, my XO lives down there and I am going to get to meet him in real life!

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