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Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

The biggest change to the website was a transition from one webmaster to another. This is something that was done in order to ease the burden of the previous webmaster, who is also a vital member of the crew.

Crew Updates

A number of personnel changes occurred during October 2017. The most exciting change was our Chief of the Boat, Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR, returning to the fold. He had gone silent, not responding to any emails, PMs etc. We were all very worried about him but he returned to the ship, following a personal crisis and has jumped back in representing the enlisted members of the crew. Second, our Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Rhesha Th'Kharia took a position teaching at Starfleet Academy, one of his long term goals. The same player has created a new Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Kedra Nema, who is integrating with the crew. Finally, our open Chief of Security and Tactical position has been filled by our new Romulan lieutenant Rhiana t'Aegis. She brings her experience from her time in the Romulan Navy to the Firebird. Thus far the crew is responding in a professional manner, although Lieutenant t'Aegis is having some difficulty with the differences in the way the two militaries operate.

Story Elements

During the past month, the Firebird returned to Earth, in order for Starfleet Security and Starfleet Intelligence to gather information on the occurrences near Cardassian space. Then Warrant Officer Fantome was proven to be a member of the USS Monterey, a ship declared lost in the Gamma Quadrant just prior to the outbreak of the Dominion War. In reality, the ship was taken by the Dominion and moved to a hidden colony. That colony has continued to exist, unknown to the Federation. Fantome, a former lieutenant on the Monterey, was re-inserted into Starfleet by a network of Dominion spies in order to gather intelligence on any possible discovery of the colony. His family and most of the rest of the Monterey crew have been kept in stasis, although some are reputed to be used to create biological weapons targeted at humanity.

Fantome's discovery and ensuing failed attempt to hijack the Firebird, have tipped the entire scheme to the crew of the ship and to Starfleet. Now back at Earth, Captain Llwyedd and the command staff faced a board of inquiry over the hijacking, which nearly succeeded and would have resulted in the loss of the ship. Captain Llwyedd was given a reprimand. Meanwhile Ensign Jackson Smith, who was being blackmailed by Fantome, was discharged from Starfleet over false enlistment but was immediately recruited by Starfleet Intelligence due to his key role in capturing Fantome. He was re-enlisted properly and awarded the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.

The crew is completing various personal projects and trips, while the command staff works with Starfleet Security on their plan to seek out and rescue the USS Monterey.

Meanwhile, back at Empok Nor, home to the Firebird and Fearless, news indicates that another ship the USS Pioneer is set to join them. The station has more than enough room to accommodate all of the ships but the crews might have issues learning to co-exist.

Other Information

Following my trip to Australia, posting and involvement has bounced back to more normal levels. Our long running Mission 2 is moving into the final act and I am already turning my eye to Mission 3: The Galilei Conudrum.

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