– October 4, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

We experienced no major changes to the ship or the sim this month.

Crew Updates

We had no changes to the crew this month, however, we did have a player, Chief Petty Officer Charles Stephens JR, go absent suddenly. Repeated attempts to reach him via email and PM have gone unanswered. This is particularly sad because he was very active and engaged before disappearing. He will likely be removed from the manifest by the next report.

Story Elements

Our entire setup for this mission has been discovering who the traitor was aboard the ship who was working on behalf of a secret Dominion organization. That traitor ended up being the Transporter Chief NPC, Jacques Fantome. The crew had interacted with Fantome many times during Mission 1. He even saved a number of their lives. His identity was largely unknown to the players and his reveal was very well done and written by all involved. Additionally, Fantome was blackmailing one of the characters, Ensign Jackson Smith, into assisting him. Ensign Smith produced a number of outstanding JPs that detailed his character's turmoil. Recently Fantome was exposed and attempted to hijack the ship via an aggressive AI that he inserted into the ship's database. He used his transporter knowledge to transport the crew to various locations, including the holodeck, a cargo hold and in the case of the captain and second officer, off the ship and onto Empok Nor. A number of JPs, involving 6 or more characters, were written to detail the trials that ended up with them retaking the ship and Fantome's capture. At this point, the ship has been ordered to Earth for a further debrief and to discover more about the mysterious network that is manipulating Starfleet.

Other Information

I was absent for two weeks this month, as I was sent to Australia for work. This is reflected by our lack of posts.

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