USS Gladiator Report (Final from Cpt Hawkins)

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USS Gladiator Report (Final from Cpt Hawkins)


Sim Updates

This month has been a rough one, to say the least. Real world has been tough on several people. We had a handful of JPs going but none were completed and sent out by the deadline. It was decided that we were to do a soft reboot by transferring ships and start fresh. Gladiator is here by open for command for a new CO and crew.

Crew Updates

Commander Commander Tayla d'Jax (demoted to Chief Strategic Operations and 2nd XO)
Lieutenant Commander Talval Qin (stepped down due to Real World)

Story Elements

As the crew of the Gladiator arrives at Starbase Esquimalt, the CO and crew are shocked at the first command given to David when he is relieved of his command and ordered to wait till he has his meeting with Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara. Little is known as to the reasoning for this, but now the CO and crew are placed in an unexpected position of having to now figure out whether they want to see a reassignment to a new post, or resign their commission.

Other Information

For the past 7 years, I have commanded the USS Gladiator. That name will continue on but the legacy it carried, will forever push whomever takes on the command of this ship. It maybe just another Sovereign class ship in the fleet, but it will continue to play a pivotal role in the years to come with a new crew and new CO at the helm. I wish best of luck and God Speed to the next crew.



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Posted: November 30, 2020 9:14 pm
Updated: December 1, 2020