USS Guinevere – Aug-18

USS Guinevere – Aug-18

Task Force 47, Task Group 47B

Sim Updates

Did update the front page of the sim to clarify that the Guinevere is one of the sims that had chosen to "opt out" of the destruction of Romulus; this is as a result of, apparently, nobody realizing that the statement of "Please note that the U.S.S. Guinevere has decided to opt out of the events portrayed in the J.J. Abrams reboot movies" was that opt out declaration.

Crew Updates

We're welcoming on board our new security chief, Lt. Makeba Brown.

Open Positions include:

Chief Medical Officer
Chief of Operations

Story Elements

The Guinevere is assigned to deliver a piece of equipment to a scientist working on a new project. Some of the crew feel slighted at having to perform such a seemingly mundane task, while others, reflecting on some of the crazy assignments they've had in the past, hope that this assignment will be as routine and boring as it sounds.

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Submitted By: Christopher Boone
Posted: September 1, 2018 5:41 am
Updated: September 1, 2018