USS Harbinger – Apr 2020

USS Harbinger – Apr 2020


Sim Updates

We’ve continued to see some pick up with the crew and have welcomed two new additions to the crew. Created a fancy image to go on our Sim page to show which mission we’re currently on. Updated the recruitment ad with the help of RottenEmu!

Crew Updates

New members:
James Harrison; Marine CO
Montgomery Niles; Chief Sec/Tact

None yet

None yet

Story Elements

Subplot ongoing; Starbase Sirius has seen their environmental controls go haywire and a mysterious threat of removing any such Christmas spirit in the air. Will the crew of the Harbinger be able to save Christmas?

Though initially thought to be just the engineer in charge of the installation of the QSD, Shairo finds herself brought onto the crew as a full-time chief engineer of the Harbinger.

Other Information



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