– November 30, 2017


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Major changes? Hmmm. Major changes. Well, I suppose we finally applied that second coat of paint to the turbolifts. The Bolian who sold us the paint said we'd need to and, you know what, they were right. The new coat's really spruced things up nicely.

Which is a real shame, because the ship got catastrophically damaged in a nebula and we've had to abandon it.

Crew Updates

Removed our Chief Diplomat for lack of participation and failure to respond to emails. From an NPC point of view, there may be a tonne of open positions. What with the catastrophic damage, crew evacuation and ship disappearing.

Story Elements

A Long Time Gone: The Hiroshima has been equipped with a quantum slipstream drive and ordered into the Hexen Fields, a scarcely charted nebula that may be home to an alien platform like the one that sent the crew into the Delta Quadrant. Once we reach the Sa Deireadh system on the very edge of the nebula, however, the QSD malfunctions, creating a feedback pulse of sorts that provokes a catastrophic response from the nebula's high-energy exotic particles. All hands have abandoned our crippled and now vanished ship.

Other Information

It was a good month for us, all things considered, although not for the ship IC. We had a major JP at the very start - the one I mentioned in my previous report - that saw the Hiro's death blow finally land. She's been a good ship for a long, long time - the longest in the fleet, actually, at more than 15 years straight - and she's been through a lot.

She's survived, in no particular order, rogue Klingon houses, Romulan warships and saboteurs, crystalline entities, disastrous wormhole trips, Borg assaults and invasions, stolen Federation starships, being hijacked herself, Hirogen, Breen subterfuge and attacks, Klak'kati misconceptions, Cardassian abductions and civil war. There were times when she was only flying on a wing and a prayer, but she always flew true, and we'll miss our big Nebula.

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