– September 30, 2017


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

A good chunk of work, including a shiny new rank pip for our newly promoted and (temporarily) one-and-only Marine and a new navigation schedule to the Missions page. Individual mission pages outlining exactly what happened - apparently, what happens in Breen space doesn't stay in Breen space - have now been created with snazzy placeholder images for our most recent missions until new ones can get done up by a former crew member who's not only been good enough to help out on that front, but with other imagery as well. Thanks go to the player behind our current Chief CONN Officer and former CO for providing some very useful graphic resources as well.

Crew Updates

Two promotions - the aforementioned Marine, Val Rock, who went from captain to major, and our Chief of Security's promotion from ensign to junior lieutenant.

Story Elements

A Long Time Gone: The Hiroshima is finalising its retrofit and preparations ahead of setting out to uncover the location of a second null space catapult and, if successful in that endeavour, return to the Delta Quadrant to make contact with the mystery aliens behind the events of A Far and Distant Shore.

Other Information

We're tootling along nicely, with a lot of JPs in the works and a big development on the horizon following a crew consultation at the start of the month.

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