– March 31, 2018


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Major changes? I suppose one major change is that we were finally given the keys to our brand new USS Hiroshima-B. The B stands for "Breakable".

Crew Updates

Several changes here. With the return of Briar Elin and her appointment as Chief of Operations, our former Chief of Operations, Iskander al-Khalid, has moved to Chief of Intelligence. Our Chief of Security has been demoted IC in favour of a mission specialist NPC (played by said Chief of Security). We also came very, very close to losing our Chief Engineer IC as well, and that storyline will play out over time.

Story Elements

After a lot less time than expected, the crew of the Hiroshima have been given a new ship and handed a mission - to lead a fleet exercise in an area of Federation protectorate space that the Gorn have been using to circumnavigate Klingon defences in the two powers' war.

Other Information

It was a busy month for the Hiro, with the large JPs mentioned in our last report coming good early in the month. After some good work and conversations with the XO, we were able to push on and maintain a high level of activity.

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