USS Hiroshima – 31 May 2018

USS Hiroshima – 31 May 2018

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

No updates to report, but that's only because they're all classified and I'm not even supposed to mention they exist. Which places me in a bit of a quandary, now, doesn't it? Ah well. Where'd I leave that cyanide pill?

Crew Updates

No new people at all at all, although several people received awards. Which is nice. It'd be even nicer if I actually announced them, mind. I must add that to my to do list.

Story Elements

With preparations for departure almost complete, the new Hiroshima will shortly set sail to lead a fleet exercise in the Cestus Protectorates, an area of Federation-associated space that the Gorn routinely and illegally traverse in their war with the Klingons.

Other Information

It was another quiet month for us, with most of our activity occurring in the latter half. Our imminent departure will present a good opportunity to see what we can do on that front.



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