– October 31, 2017


Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Tinkering? Yeah, mostly tinkering. And an in-progress JP has us full of holes and minus at least one warp nacelle, but that's just a normal day in a universe where you strap on untested propulsion technology and run head long into an exotic particle nebula. Fun times.

On which note, there's some new imagery in the works for the sim's site. Some of it's fully ready and we're still in the creative process for the other bits. It's really looking good, though.

Crew Updates

No new crew and no departures. Not counting NPCs, of course, but I refer you to the earlier section on hull breaches and other indicators of massive ship damage.

Story Elements

A Long Time Gone: The Hiroshima has been equipped with a quantum slipstream drive and ordered into the Hexen Fields, a scarcely charted nebula that may be home to an alien platform like the one that sent the crew into the Delta Quadrant. The ongoing crew-wide JP has us arriving at Sa Deireadh - Irish for "in the end" - on the edge of the Hexen Fields, which is when things get interesting.

Other Information

Due to the nature of the big JP, as well as some RL difficulties owing to storms, I found it surprisingly difficult to kick this one off the ground. It's proceeding at pace now, though, and should be finished within the next few days.

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