USS Hiroshima – August 31, 2018

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Tinkered a little with the site, but the main plus was finally being able to update some secondary sources to reflect the new Hiroshima.

Crew Updates

No changes here. We don't fear change as much as we used to. Now, we're just a bit cagey around it. Because it looked at us funny ...

Story Elements

The Hiroshima is in the Cestus Protectorates on a mission to test its new propulsion systems, and its still-troubled crew, in a series of fleet exercises. But across the border, the Gorn are waiting.

Other Information

August was a better month than July, which was a slight, if welcome, surprise, given the nature of holidays and whatnot. With the mission about to kick into high gear shortly, that situation should improve further.

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