USS Hiroshima – Feb – 20

USS Hiroshima – Feb – 20


Sim Updates

Tinkering, tailoring, doctoring and flying. Well, where website updates are concerned anyway. There'll still a few additions to be made, but the content changes make for welcome revisions.

Crew Updates

No newbies, no outgoers, no promos, no awos. What am I? Australian?

Story Elements

Foundation's Shadows: The Hiroshima's senior crew, wary of friend and stranger alike, pursue signs of treachery aboard SB157. Meanwhile, some turn their attention towards marking the past ...

Other Information

Still quiet on the Hiroshima's front through LOAs and some busy RL endeavours.



Submitted By: yearling
Posted: February 29, 2020 8:10 pm
Updated: February 29, 2020