USS Hiroshima – Jun – 20

USS Hiroshima – Jun – 20


Sim Updates

The mission's progressing nicely, even if I do say so myself. And I would. Because I say that kind of thing.

Crew Updates

No crew changes this month.

Story Elements

Foundation's Shadows: The source of the telepathic transmissions has been found, but its discovery has unearthed an older secret that might prove even deadlier to some of the Hiroshima's crew.

Other Information

He handed Briar the tricorder. “Does that look unusual to you?” he asked, but before she had time to see that there was nothing at all unusual in the readings, he disconnected the EPS shunt.

Her view of Evan completely obscured by the panel, she made a *huh* noise of confusion. “The upstream circuit just went out. Wild. There’re no sensors out. How did you know the junction was going to—”

Evan jabbed the sparking cable into her chest.

- Capt. Yearling and Lt. Cmdr. Elin



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