USS Hiroshima – May – 20

USS Hiroshima – May – 20


Sim Updates

No updates or goings on (of minor, moderate or major character, just to increase the level of specificity), but the mission's kicking up a gear. Which, as I often say, is nice.

Crew Updates

We got in another app, this one for the Marine CO position. My XO and I are discussing it.

Story Elements

Foundation's Shadows: The senior crew finally get a lead, but will their investigation lead to success or disaster?

Other Information

“I could see the logic in that.” Even after the years apart, she still had a bit of the aura that had seemed to latch on to her since their encounter with the living vessel. “So Mission Command had your regular reports, but not your ‘dream journals’,” he surmised. Seeing as the latter was a point of contention in the past, Zander made a mental note to do a bit more investigating to see precisely what his superiors were wanting here.

“They always needed a secure way to transmit them, so they would be sent in batches when the Commander was able.” She looked down at the sweat on the outside of her waterglass. “Intel is asking you about them, aren’t they?”

- Lt. al-Khalid and Lt. Cmdr. Elin



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