USS Hiroshima – Nov – 20

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USS Hiroshima – Nov – 20


Sim Updates

Polishing the holographic walls, buffing the nanofibre toilet seats, drawing a mission to a close.

Crew Updates

If we had a new person, they'd be the ones buffing the toilet seats.

Story Elements

Foundation’s Shadows: The Foundation's been defeated, the sabotage attempt on the Hiroshima has been foiled, a ship just recently thought lost has been recovered, and now the investigations begin.

Other Information

Quickly checking to ensure the rattling had not affected her patient, Adrianna noted unusual activity in the hypothalamus. She wished this lab had an endocrine integration scanner, yet she did not quite trust the newfangled holographic matrix to make her a perfectly calibrated one. So instead, she wished she was back in Main sickbay. If they were going into battle or some such thing, she should be there anyway...

- Dr. Adrianna Darney



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