USS Hiroshima – October 31, 2018

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

Tinkered a bit by adding new quotes, removing old ones and updating the auxiliary craft specs. We've also been discussing setting up our own Discord, which is an interesting prospect.

Crew Updates

Our XO, Xel Prasmaal, departed from our ranks during the month. We wish him the best with his future simming.

Story Elements

Her mission of brinkmanship in the Cestus Protectorates barely a day old, the Hiroshima responds to a distress call the crew believes to be just another drill. But it's no exercise, as the crew of the USS Faraday have discovered to their cost, and now the Hiroshima must battle a Gorn insurgency without starting a new war.

Other Information

We're proceeding mostly as planned. The higher gear didn't quite materialise during the month for various reasons, but things are moving along well.

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Posted: October 31, 2018 8:38 pm
Updated: October 31, 2018

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