USS Hiroshima – Oct-19

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USS Hiroshima – Oct-19


Sim Updates

The imminent closure of Yahoo Groups has required us to go about arranging a new service, which has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works. Thankfully, we already had something set up with, so all we're waiting on now is for our archives to be transferred over. Backups have been made as well.

Crew Updates

We said au revoir this month to our long-standing Marine combat engineer and all round solid sort, Major Valentino Leonides Rock, who finally called it a day. He'd been with us since late 2011 and made himself an invaluable member of the crew. We wish him the best of luck for the future and hope to see him around again.

Story Elements

Foundation's Shadows: Seeking repairs and answers, the crew of the Hiroshima return to SB157 and a pit of treachery.

Other Information

As mentioned, the shenanigans with YG tripped us up a little, but JPs and solo posts are still progressing while we get things fixed up.



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