– April 30, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

The webmaster has added a new skin option for the crew, an LCARS style skin. Started to tinker with the ship's wiki page, the more I begin to understand, the easier it will be to use and store important information out of character as well as in character information.

Crew Updates

No one left and no one new joined the sim. We are pretty content crew, not sure if I want to expand the team. We have a good writing team.

No awards or promotions this month.

Story Elements

We are wrapping up our current mission we are three group JP's from finishing our current story. This is part two of our three part story arc. The USS Juno in part 1 learned of an attack on New Bajor some of federation citizens were taken. In part 2 we learn who is responsible. And in part 3 we rescue our citizens and close out the story. Each mission will be a three part. Beginning of story, climax of story and the resolution of the story.

Other Information

I am very happy and pleased with sim and my crew, we opted not do awards till next month, when we complete the story. Beyond the minor updates to the website and our wiki page, it has been an uneventful month. The way my crew likes it. Less stressful it is, the more time we have dedicated to writing.

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