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Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

No major updates to the website, still working on technical issue with skin. Updated minor information. USS Juno was transferred from Task Group 47-A to 47-C, showed changes on website to reflect. Also updated all promotions on website as well, see crew updates for more info.

Crew Updates

Meritorious Newcomer Award

Lieutenant Kimoni Jexen is a fun character to read, and she handles herself nicely. I love how fast she has adapted to the USS Juno and is already on her first away team mission. ~ Cdr Anderson.

Lieutenant Avril Taylor is still new, I love the opening story from her. I loved the interaction and the acceptance of Avril with Xalanth and his family. Cannot wait to see more growth from Avril. ~ Cdr Anderson.

Lieutenant Xalanth is a great character and he has a delightful writer, filled with a lot of creativity. Xalanth started from day one, jumped right in the story. Cannot wait to learn more about the Dragonian race, and about the family of Xalanth. ~ Cdr Anderson
Aanyo Kerja is a delightful character, full of potential and growth. She is well defined as character. I cannot wait to read more about her and her adventures on the USS Juno. ~ Cdr Anderson.

Lieutenant Commander Bervag Bers: Being the backbone of the ship and crew. Very proud to have chosen you to be my first officer. The crew respects you and has interacted and accepted you as their first officer. Bervag is a fun character to read about, she reminds me a little of Riker meets Dax. ~ Cdr Anderson.

Lieutenant Commander T'San is another wonderful character to read, she is the second officer but more like the mother of the USS Juno, full of wisdom, and a grace of humility. Great job on developing her and all of your NPC's. ~ Cdr Anderson.

Outstanding Volunteer Award

Lieutenant Commander T'San: For all the outstanding work on the website. ~ LCdr Bers.

Crew's Choice Award

Recipient: Lieutenant Commander Bervag Bers

Reason: Has stepped up nicely into the role of first officer, I have not had the pleasure of writing with Rich a lot, as of yet. I plan on changing that. But I know he does a lot of things behind the scenes with story development, and is a great asset to the USS Juno.

Rich who writes as Bervag and Orson is a great person, the back bone of the crew. He is funny, always active. You are the perfect choice for this award.

I think he is a great player and very open to new ideas.

I liked the stuff he posted.

Non Player Character Award

Recipient: T'San
She creates very rounded NPC's who usually have a lot to do with the story and are just perfect for what we need them for! ~ Kerja.

Lieutenant Commander T'San, has started to write about two of her NPC's. They are well established, and have personalities of their own. I want to highlight Dan our Chef, beloved husband of T'San and acting ship's counselor. Dan is a fun character to have on the sim. ~ Cdr Anderson

Crew Promotions
Lieutenant T’San to Lieutenant Commander
Lieutenant Junior Grade Avril Taylor to Lieutenant
Lieutenant Junior Grade Xalanth to Lieutenant
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kimoni to Lieutenant

Story Elements

USS Juno has just left New Bajor and is tracking down a lead in the Telpan System. Commander Bers and his away team are looking for more evidence of the mysterious race that abducted federation personal. Meanwhile the crew is settling in nicely. The mission is 2/3rd complete, we hope to finish this mission in March and start episode 3.

Other Information

Completed the academy, so that's a good thing. Promoted to Commander. Transferred task groups and joined the task force 47 empok nor story arc. My crew has integrated into other groups, for unity and for more opportunities to write. This has been a great month. We also picked up a new writer. Matt who writes for Christian Barrett.

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