– January 29, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

No major updates to report. We are still working on the website, having a few issues adding a banner. My webmaster is working on a possible solution.

Crew Updates

Since last report, I have picked up a 6th writer. We are happy to have her join the group.

The Crew:

Commanding Officer - LCdr Harry Anderson
Executive Officer - LCdr Bervag Bers
Second Officer & Chief Medical Officer - Lt. T'San
Helmsman - LTJG Avril Taylor
Chief Tactical Operations Officer - LTJG Xalanth
Captain's Daughter - Kerja Aanyo

Story Elements

the USS Juno has left Earth Space Dock and already arrived at Deep Space Nine. The Juno, was tasked with investigating the kidnapping of federation personal on New Bajor, one of the residence was his old girlfriend Tera Aayno, who also kept the fact she was pregnant and the Captain has a 14 year old daughter. The Juno, is picking up the last of the crew and supplies, and will be heading out to New Bajor, to begin its investigation.

Other Information

I have completed 5 COAL assignments. Waiting to start COAL Assignment #6.

The crew voted not to nominate anyone this month for sim awards, they feel that we just started to come together as a writing team. They want to get to know the writers a little better, before making nominations next month. So no sim award nominations.

Once I have completed the academy, I will work on incorporating my sim more in the task force story arc, I have my ship headed into the Gamma Quadrant, can not wait to join everyone, and help tell the story of the Gamma Quadrant.

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