– May 28, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

The website has been updated to keep current with the data protection and privacy policy updates that rolled out on 05/25/2018.

Crew Updates

Sadly we lost a writer, but gained two new writers in the place of the lost writer. No promotions or awards given out this month. I am at a good number of writers for the sim, so I have no highlighted roles that I want filled.

Story Elements

The USS Juno has just rescued the prisoners of war, from a new enemy race called the Crescent. The prisoners are being briefed on Empok Nor, before being returned to New Bajor. Captain Harry Anderson was able to rescue Aanyo Tera, and she informed the captain she was taking Aanyo Kerja back to Deep Space Nine. Which devastated the Captain, but as a second chance or fate would have it, he learns he had another daughter, and again thanks to fate learns she has no where to go but foster care system, if he does not take her in.

The Captain is torn, but has a duty to preform, he takes the prisoners of war to Empok Nor for their debriefing and meets up with Carly Wilda, his other daughter. The USS Juno, is given a new set of orders by Captain Malbrooke of the USS Pioneer.

Other Information

the sim is going pretty well, despite loosing a writer. We just wrapped up our second story, and already started on our next story.

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