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Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

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Lieutenant JG Jonathan Westbrook
Chief Science Officer

Lieutenant Rolvek
Chief Medical Officer

Story Elements

The Livingstone's first mission is a routine patrol along the federation border traversing space from Deep Space 3 to Antos 4 space port.

At Antos 4 the ship has replenished any supplies and replaced the pod with a modified Habitation/Colony pod. This pod normally contains a large number of residential quarters; however this space has been modified with innovative agricultural machinery which includes the latest designs of hydroponic technology. This will greatly increase the yields on Coltar 4. This module also contains a dozen dedicated transporters, which will allow the crew to deliver the equipment on arrival.

"The riskier the road, the greater the profit.

Between Antos 4 and Coltar 4 the Livingstone sensors picked up a ship apparently drifting in space and alters course to investigate. They find an Old Ferengi freighter which does not respond to hails. Although the ship is clearly very old, when its ID is checked it is registered as a new ship. Initial scans indicate a life support is working and one escape pod is missing.

181. Rule of Acquisition “Even dishonesty can't tarnish the glow of Latinum”

An away team was dispatched to investigate. They found personal items scattered about, including a wepon under a bed, but most of the ship's computer data was missing, together with the navigational computers. Galley equipment was neatly stowed away; there was no food prepared or under preparation, but there were ample provisions in the stores. There were no obvious signs of fire or violence; the evidence indicated an orderly departure from the ship, by means of the missing escape pod.

138. Rule of acquisition “Law makes everyone equal, but justice goes to the highest bidder”

The Ferengi ask for the Livingstone to bring the ship to their space dock at Lappa 5 where an insurance investigation has to take place. The Freighter has some minor engineering/operational (depending on players) problems which the crew fix and then fly to Ferengi space.

195.Rule of Acquisition “Wounds heal, but debt is forever”

The Grand Nagus while investigating the salvage/insurance claim finds that the Livingstone was docked next to the Ferengi ship at Antos 4. The crew of the Livingstone have been placed under arrest and suspected of fraud. If they are found guilty the crew will have to give the Pod away as recompense.

Other Information

We are hopping to finish this mission by the end of September.

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