USS Majestic- August 2020

USS Majestic- August 2020


Sim Updates

Nothing to report here. Website works great and we haven't made any changes to it other than adding a new manifest for a side mission that will be ongoing for a long time in a parallel universe.

Crew Updates

We lost a crew member due to inactivity but gained a guest star for the next mission! I seriously need to sit down and think about promotions. Our two year anniversary is later this week after all!

Story Elements

We wrapped up our diplomatic mission to Sozon II. Let's just say that things did not go well. We still have the princess on board, she refused to marry the emperor and Starfleet turned down their application for admittance into the federation. We aren't making friends very fast here! Now we're docked at Starbase Adna for some much needed R&R. Most of the crew will depart for it leaving only a skeleton on board. The starbase is run by holograms. What's the worst that could happen?

Other Information



Submitted By: kaidasorine
Posted: August 31, 2020 4:12 pm
Updated: September 1, 2020