USS Majestic July 2020

USS Majestic July 2020


Sim Updates

We are getting to the end of Cruel Meridian. Should be wrapped up in less than two weeks. In the meantime I'm going to start some new mission posts and get us moving there as well as into our parallel Majestic that we've created. Looking forward to the new fun!

Crew Updates

We lost a member due to inactivity and silence on their part. No new crew members. Time to put up an ad for CMO! No awards this month though I would like to mention a couple of people who have been with the sim since we first opened, before I'd even graduated command academy and they are Commander Murphy and Commander Sommers. Both have been active for a long time with me and I'm grateful for all the wonderful stories we've told over the years!

Story Elements

The crew of the Majestic is trying to figure out where to punch a hole to get out of an anomaly. Once out they're going to head to the wedding of Princess Leyana and his royal pain in the ass, the Emperor of Sozon II. Is she going to marry him or run away screaming? Who the heck knows!

Then after this we're going to visit a lovely space station with a deadly secret . . . . dun dun dun.

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