USS Majestic -March 2020

USS Majestic -March 2020


Sim Updates

Nothing new to the website, it's working great! We need to remember to put our award on the site but otherwise I don't anticipate any other changes because we don't do character awards on the site.

Crew Updates

We have a new Engineering Officer, Petty Officer Douglas Robb. We lost our Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Adamson due to real life business. No Awards or promotions though I did offer to let someone else plan the mission if they won a little posting challenge we are trying. It needs some tweaking but will keep you posted.

Story Elements

The USS Majestic has left Starbase 50. They are en route to Sozon II with a princess on board as well as the daughter of former Ambassador Vayr. (From our first mission). After a tense boarding the princess has made herself right at home . . . not exactly sure what she's doing . . . . yet. Ambassador Vayr's daughter Min is exploring the ship, the crew and learning all she can. It might end up being a bit too much for her and the crew when they start having hallucinations of themselves doing tasks they don't remember, as well as constantly fighting off feelings of deja vu.

Other Information

Playing Characters 16
NPCs 24
Participation Mission Posts 36
Actual Posts: 19
Personal Logs 1
Totals 37
Avg Mission Posts / User† 2.12
Avg Personal Logs / User† 0.06
Avg Entries / User† 2.18

Little bit slower this month but the world kind of fell apart so I'm not too worried about it. I know there are interesting stories being worked on and our mission is moving forward.



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Posted: March 31, 2020 2:59 pm
Updated: March 31, 2020