USS Majestic May 2020

USS Majestic May 2020


Sim Updates

Nothing new to the website but we did do awards this month. More precisely I looked through our manifest and picked out several individuals I felt in need of recognition for their hard work on Majestic. We didn't add any new awards but I felt it was time to have a look at them and possibly use them.

Crew Updates

Crew Awards:
Commander Hanover, not only does he keep me in line he also works on our website and has done a wonderful patch for us For all of his hard work I've awarded him the Captain's Merit.

Commander Murphy, one of our longest members and always so amusing that I've awarded him the Deforest Kelley humor award. IF you haven't done so, check out his posts! He never fails to make me laugh and he's a fantastic writer (better than me and I don't admit that to just anyone!)

Lieutenant (jg) Lawless. He is our newest member but I've been impressed with how he jumped right into the plot and already come up with an idea on how to get his character involved on a new plot idea we are working on. I've awarded him the creativity award.

Last but not least Ms. Reed, our civilian but also Chief Diplomat. I'm always impressed with how she sticks to her guns(not literally obviously as she'd have a hard time being diplomatic) and knows her character so well that I've awarded her the Good Conduct Merit.

It's been an up and down kind of month for us. We've lost a crew member and gained one. We're trying to wrap up the mission and we've come up with a fantastic idea to create a parallel Majestic, one that was formed when we encountered a temporal issue. This Majestic will start off exactly the same as us and branch out so that many different things will take place between the two ships. It will be manned by the same character and gradually add and take away crew so that the ships will be different. Optional for players of course, but it's a fun idea that I fully support.

Story Elements

The Majestic is currently without warp power and in the middle of some kind of temporal disturbance where different time periods inter-merge on the crew and ship. Hopefully they'll soon find a way to make it out without goring crazy!

Other Information

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