USS Mercutio – Jul-19

USS Mercutio – Jul-19

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

Nothing new

Crew Updates

We knock on wood didn't lose anyone this past month and we're starting to see some of the people who were in the gray area of dropping away beginning to show more signs of activity. We still could use (another) Chief Engineer and OPS.

Story Elements

We're about to wrap up our current plot by the end of the weekend. The (senior) crew had been abducted and made to believe they were all HS age in detention. Slowly they figured it out and when they passed the test of whomever or whatever had done this, it was revealed to just be a large orb of light which moved on into space.

Other Information

I think we were more active this month than last in our writing and have a few more side stories and logs to show for it. Hopefully that continues.



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