USS Merlin 239303.31

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USS Merlin 239303.31

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

Slowly updateing links from the old IFS database
Created a new rank set, STO Odyssey

Crew Updates

Lieutenant Commander Kevin, Lord Kilbane of Sanquhar - Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix - Chief Flight Control Officer (returning simmer)
Lieutenant JG Michael Ki MD - Chief Medical Officer
Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayush - Company Commander (returning simmer)
2nd Lieutenant Cara O'Reilly MD - Assistant Medical Officer

Open Posts:

Chief Tactical/Security
Chief Strategic Operations
Chief Science Officer
Commander, Air Group

Story Elements

Lost Souls
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The USS Merlin has been MIA (Missing In Action) for two years, the cause of her dissapearance unknown. Now, a message has relayed to Starfleet Command that she's been found adrift in a disputed territory known as the Telarny Quadrant. Starfleet has put together a recovery squad to ascertain her status and to try and find out where she's been and how she's ended up in the disputed territory. On boarding the USS Merlin, the recovery team find her completely abandoned, no crew and no signs of fighting. No information can be extracted from the ships computer on what's happened to cause her crew to abandon her or what caused sudden disappearance, the only message in the databank is "The Capra is here!!!"

The recovery team manage to get the Merlin's engines back online, and when they initiate the sequence to test them, the ship suddenly jumps to warp on a pre-planned course......

Other Information

Things are slowly picking up. I am working on recruitment, using a new tag line, forged by the stars (it has the double meaning, the stars in space, but, also the simmers who are "the stars" of the sim ;D) as well as a few more site updates.



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