USS Merlin – September 1, 2018

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

Not many updates this time around. Got all site updates settled over the last few months.

Crew Updates

Lieutenant JG Stephanie O'Hara ==> Chief Engineering Officer
Ensign Riv O'Malley ===> Assistant Engineering Officer
Lieutenant JG Marbim Rejal ===> Chief Operations Officer
1st Lieutenant John Kayhill ===> Company Commander

Story Elements

The New Collective

The newly refit USS Merlin sets out on her mission to explore the region of unknown space beyond the Romulan Empire borders. While en route they get distress signals from various colony world under attack. One word makes their blood run cold: Borg. Having been refit with the latest experimental technology the Merlin starts responding to the distress calls, expecting to find the colonies assimilated. However, on arriving they find nothing but destruction, no assimilation. Now the Merlin and her crew must figure out what the Borg have in mind before they move like locusts, destroying and killing every planet they find. Will the crew succeed or become just another ship lost to these cybernetic destroyers?


The Road So Far - Plot Summary (cue Wayward Sonby Kansas)-

Barstow was knocked out, however, that didn't mean his brain had stopped. He was looking down on himself sitting in the command chair. The ship was just out of space dock and Merlin had gotten a call from Vega Xu to stay away. So, what's a good Captain to do? Apollo ordered maximum warp to the colony. The CO, that is the observer CO, tried in vain to warn of the Borg behavior, screaming but not making a sound. He could hear the voices of the crew echoing like they were in a tin can, his vision hazy as he looked around the Bridge. The scene suddenly changed and he was outside the ship.

The Borg ship was firing it's green orbs and green beams lanced out lighting up Merlins shields as Sav conducted fighter like maneuvers. The red orange beams and cobalt orbs of Merlins weapons lanced out and hit the ship, Scarlet timing each cluster of shots with Tillatix's flying to get the best damage. However, even as the Borgs ship was damaged it would heal. Apollo reached out, trying to stop himself from giving the order he knew was coming. The shields suddenly dropped and he knew why, he had gambled how much damage could be taken while they beamed up survivors from the planet. His gamble failed and as he saw Merlins hull light up green he was suddenly back on the Bridge. The lights dimmed and power conduits blew out all over the ship, causing consoles to explode.

The CO saw himself hit the deck, blood oozing from the back of his head where he'd hit the barrier behind the command deck. All around the Bridge were injuries and he felt a pang of regret knowing that there'd be injuries all over the ship just like these. Then he saw a ship, but he couldn't remember seeing it before he'd been injured...Agamemnon, and the Borg warped away, "what's.....going on," he asked himself, was this still the dream or was he awake.

With all the damage he knew life support was out, he could only guess about other damage, "have to...wake up," he growled to himself, straining to will himself up, "cvan't just...leave the that...WAKE UP DAMN IT!!!"

Other Information

Lots of joint logs this month resulting in a fantastic increase of posts, from 52 last month to 93 this month and a pace of about 7.3 posts per simmer! Crew participation is at a high right now and making for awesome plot movement.

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