USS Nightingale June 2020

USS Nightingale June 2020


Sim Updates

This month’s report is coming from me, Kate a.k.a. Neomi Verrill, the Nightingale’s Executive Officer. Tan had to take an unexpected LOA because of a family emergency. He should be back in a few days, so next month’s report should be done by him. In other words, don’t worry, me doing the report is a one-time thing. 😀

Last month we’ve been busy behind the scenes. Not only have we been further planning our new mission, but we’ve also continue sending our JP’s for character development. The fleet also asked to do a roll call and except for 1 we got word back from everyone. Something we’re very happy and proud about.

As most of you probably know, the website has been handled by me. Per request of the fleet I’ve added something to our main site so our rating is clearly visible for people visiting the site. I’ve also linked a wiki page to it, so people can read a bit more information about our expectations. A number is just that, a number. Which can be interpret differently by people.

Crew Updates

No updates, listed in the report

Story Elements

Then a little about our current mission: We have posted the first post of the new mission. A staff briefing explaining our new mission. Where the Nightingale is sent to Renewed Providence to assist in fighting an outbreak of the Rigellian fever. Highly deadly and virulent. Off course nothing goes as planned and the crew of the Nightingale faces many challenges to prevent most of the colony’s population dying.

Other Information

Lastly some numbers, because who doesn’t love numbers.

Number of Active players: 10
Number of Lost players: 2
Number of Prospective players: 2
Number of NPC’s: 20

Number of Mission Posts: 10 (5 single count)
Number of JP’s in progress: 30 (of which 25 with activity in the last two weeks)

That’s it for this month’s edition of the CO report. Hope I didn’t forget anything.



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